Update: Got I&D this morning, risk of sepsis?


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I made a post yesterday about a pilonidal cyst that became infected but they wouldn't take me in at the ER. I had it for 3 days and today morning we went to a surgeon who did an incision and drainage. It didn't hurt as much when he did and he cleaned up the place but didn't give me antibiotics. Tomorrow I will have the packing changed, he put in something to help it drain.

I got home fine but after a few hours I suddenly felt dizzy and lightheaded as if I will faint, like my legs will give out from under me, I laid down and my heartbeat skyrocketed and I was shaking. Both the heartbeat and shaking subsided after a minute but I am still a but lightheaded and feel like I will throw up. My temp is normal.

Is this sepsis? Should I go back to the doctor? I am really scared I will get septic from this, it was opened and drained but I am scared.


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Unless your cyst is draining, you need to see a doctor. It is infected. If its infected and draining, that is fine. But if it is not draining the infection is staying in your body.


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Sounds like it could be sepsis or dehydration. I would go to the ER just to be safe. Sepsis doesn't always present with a fever. Any update?