Vac therapy complications


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Hi everyone, wanted your advice on some complications after my second pilonidal excision (open wound treated with VAC therapy).

It was a pretty sizeable wound, nearly 12*10*6 cm deep.

I had the operation nearly a month ago, and have seen healing on the sides of the wound. The wound has definitely gotten smaller in size but a persistent issue remains.

There's been granulation tissue development on the sides, but nothing on the wound bed, Which has stayed the same for the last two weeks with no granualation whatsoever. The wound care team used silver nitrate as a means to promote healing but no luck on that front. We're currently swabbing for bacteria/infection that might be causing this.

My questions for everyone who's an open wound pilonidal sinus excision is has anyone experienced delays in wound healing, what was the cause, and what was the course of treatment?

My surgeron said that performing a flap procedure is the last resort, but there's a risk of the operation going wrong as he believes there's no flood supply to the wound bed.

please let me know when you can.