Weird healin


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I'm a man, 24 years old now.
I had a pilonidal cyst abces in 2015, I had a surgery and I've been left open. In about 2 weeks I healed up completly, after healing doctor said that I need a final surgery where they cut out the entire zone and closed me (this surgery took about 40 -50 min).
Everything was fine, until 2017 when suddently it opened a bit, and sort of meat cam out for about maximum 1 cm, and swelling but not smell and it didn't hurt.
I took some antibiotics and sit beath, cleaned the zone.
From there until now its healing for 1 month and after that again is oppening for 1 week and than Im healed 1 month.
Doctors doesnt know what to say....
One mention at the least surgery they had to get out the threads becouse it hurted me and it begun to be red skin around them and in 2017 one little thread came out when it was open a bit...
And there aren't any whole.
Do you know what to say? Does somebody had this problem?