What is your weight and height?


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I don't think being overweight is the main cause. I got my first cyst when I was 20 years old and weighed only 120 pounds. (I'm female and 5'7).


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I've wondered about this too. Mine showed up when I was 19 at around 165 pounds, I'm 6'1", male. Had surgery at 25, 175lbs. No issues AT ALL for four years until I recently (within the past 9 months) gained 25lbs due to inactivity and eating out way too much. Now 29, 200lbs, and not nearly as active. I can't help but think that me being lazy and gaining the weight might have triggered the recurrence. I'm starting to exercise and will be back to my normal 175lbs in no time, especially since I have this in the back of my mind now. It kills me to think I might have caused it this time around but at the same time really motivates me to get back to my normal eating and activity habits.​

same happend to me, was 198CM 130Kilo 21 years, had a PC removed in nov, lost 40 kilo VERY fast, now 5 years later im 110kilo, yeah iw gained 20 kilos again>.< w/e it took me 5 years to gain em!
no problem for 5 years now its back, im now looking for some tips to get the swelling down and im looking for some1 who typed about carbon oil? or simular, and also the person was typing about a mix he did that became like a paste that u will appy for 15 mins, but i cant remember!! gah, swelling just started today this morning, iw just went n drained it n all been good until today about 1 week later, fuck sake i cba another surgen but hey, i dont rly have a choice it seems but ill defo check out permanent hair removal be4 a surgery.. for sure!

gl hf with u all!!!


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I was 5'11" and 155 lb when it first appeared. Have gone up to 165 lb since then, but for most of that time stayed between 149 and 160.

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6'1 190 lbs, male, 30 yrs old. Usually fairly fit and eat a proper diet.

My first incidence came after a death in the family, and a fairly drawn out sickness, where I didn't exercise as much or really eat as well as normal. I was pretty stressed and gained about 10-15 lbs over 3 months.
The first time wasn't so bad, but I had a bad (infected) cyst about 4 months later. I toughed it out over a week before it erupted.
It's been six months without any real occurrence. I still have a cyst which fells almost like scar tissue and occasionally swells without getting painful. I keep my lower back, groin, buttocks and thighs fairly trimmed. It seldom leaks (blood or watery substance). If it does this I try to force out as much as I can by applying pressure to the area. Sometimes I'll use tea tree essential oil on the area, and I keep the area as clean as possible.


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My daughter is 14, had the surgery last summer (2016). She was 5'3", weighed 108. Every wound care nurse and surgeon says "wow you don't fit the demographic at all". So I'm not sure how helpful it is.

Back in 1983 My husband also had the surgery, he was 16. He was 6'2" and 140 back then.