What were your symptoms?


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I am just wondering what anyone’s symptoms were when they knew something was wrong. maybe when you just found out for the first time or a reoccurrence, is it always the same or less or more painful after the first time or you just never know with these things? Has anyone ever just had 1 occurrence and haven’t had it again? Has anyone not had surgery for it ever and just let the body fight it on it’s own? If so, what does that entail for you? Just trying to get opinions.


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I had mine start in 2006. I had one which was extremely painful and burst. Then I had one a few months later which was drained at the doctor’s. Then I had another which they drained without any anaesthetic at the hospital. Then finally I had one which they decided to operate on so I had the full lance and drain under general. Then I went 12 years with nothing. It came back last year. I’ve had it a few times come up and burst after a few days and it started again with a vengeance a couple of weeks ago. It went more deep than coming to a head and pain was excruciating. Had my lance and drain surgery on Sunday and have a consultation for a cleft lift in 6 weeks.
I just buried my head in the sand and thought I could handle it, it would go away on its own, etc. Now I’m tackling it head on.


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I didn't notice the cyst at first. My boyfriend brought it to my attention, then I ignored it for a year. Around that one year mark of knowing that it was there it caused a lot of pain. It hurt to sit or touch that area, & soon after it started to drain.

I'm currently 3 weeks post op with the closed incision option. I would've left it alone & just went on with my life, but it was so gross dealing with the drainage.