What would be the best and safe choice ?


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Hi I am a 17 year old male who has had a pilonidal cyst for about 2 years now. I’d say it’s about the size of a dime from what I can feel and hasn’t got much bigger or painful that I can tell. Although I feel two separate bumps. I went about a month ago to my doctor to get it checked out and make sure that is what I thought it was. He gave me a referral to a surgeon to get it taken care of, but I cancelled the appointment for personal reasons at the time and also to try to take care of it myself first.

Today after I showered I used Prid drawing salve after reading about a few people getting good results trying it. I put it on for about 45 minutes Nothing really happened, though toward the end it started itching like it recently has been. Which I read happens when it drains. I was planning on using it more till I read more articles and forums and ran into my problem.

I am getting a job as a mechanic in an auto shop this week or the next. (Sometime within 7 days) From what I read, it will drain for a while, and may hurt. Now my problem is do I keep trying to take care of it myself and use the Prid to try to drain it out slowly, or wait until I’m settled at my new job to make another appointment and get it finally taken care of, and get it over with quickly.
I’m looking for your opinion on what the best and wisest choice would be. Also what would keep me from missing work and not be in pain or discomfort while working full time.


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You must get the pilonidal cyst taken care of. A small problem always becomes a big problem. Go to the surgeon; ask how he performs the procedure. The experience I had with my son when he was your age was the surgeon stitched it up and closed it - it never healed - we were ignorant. Eventually another surgeon did the open procedure and packing the wound everyday twice a day until healed is a must. I learned how to pack it and did so - you will need assistance with this and must get a family member on board with the packing. I went to a wound center for a consult and they used ribbon gauze - also you can buy in the drugstores a wound wash in a spray can - it is basically sterile water and the wound center used that to flush out the wound and I followed suit when I learned how to pack. Research this wonderful website and consult with your surgeon all your questions. But don't ignore it. no easy fix - slow and steady wins.