What's happening here?

So, about a year ago I had my first flare. It got inflamed and infected and I went to the ER. Opted not to have it lanced and drained and instead started a round of clindamycin and it drained through the pit. When that was done I had a "pit picking" done but thought it was odd that the surgeon just punched the skin where the pit was and didnt do anything with the cyst itself. Anyhow, fast forward a year and the pit looks like it's still there and the cyst is usually a small purplish bruise looking mark, no bigger than a pencil eraser. Occassionally, it will become aggravated and a boil or pimple looking head will appear. It's not painful and when that happens I just squeeze a little to drain it and it goes back to the small purple mark. I guess my question is, if its not painful, the discharge doesn't smell, it hasn't gotten bigger, and it drains fine when it becomes aggtivated what should I do? I'm afraid if I have a surgeon di anything more it will make it worse. As of now its manageable but it is annoying to have ti pop it like a pimple every now and then.

Just asking for some information as I am a little confused .

I began with a pain on my tail bone and it felt like I had accidently hit my tail bone without realising . It began on a Friday and then by Sunday it was becoming worse . I went to my local GP who said it was a pilondial Cyst and gave me antibiotics . I went back by A Thursday as the pain was unbearable . At this point I had developed 2 abscesses. I went to to A&E and went for surgery to remove the infection. As the infection had gone deep I was left with a 5cm wound , and I have never ever experienced pain as I did when I had the gauze unpacked and packed again with NO pain relief.

I am a little confused as I still have the Cyst on the opposit side to my wound .
I am meeting with my surgeon in August and am wondering if they will remove the cyst or will they just leave it to see if it causes any further infections?

Thanks in advance :)