Whitehead on it? Ingrown hair or pilonidal


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Hi, I'm freaking out because I have had three surgeries in a 20 yr span and then landing me a cleft lift surgery about 6 or 7 yrs ago. It has left me with extremely tight skin (uncomfortable when bending) and problematic, painful scar tissue/adhesions. I have two painful bumps back there right now that I thought were initially just ingrown hairs. It started as one for a few days and today another. It is very hairy area for me so I'm not a stranger to them. One started a few days ago and I figured ingrown hair, it'll go away. Then another today and now I'm officially freaking out. They both have white heads which I do not remember having in the past. I remember it would just fill and swell with no head forming. I'm just wondering if that is a characteristic of them at all? I don't know why there is two now and I'm looking for hope I guess so they form white heads?