Wound opened back up after years... is this an issue?


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Hi guys. Years ago I got a pilonidal cystectomy. The recovery process took over a year until the wound fully closed and it was a rough process.

Today, I used the restroom and noticed a small wet spot on the back of my boxers. I immediately check my scar and noticed a small hole towards the top, about as wide as a pencil eraser. I cleaned the area and there was a red watery fluid, so it was definitely open.

Thing is, I'm completely numb in that area so I have no idea if there's another cyst (shoot, I didn't even know that I had a cyst prior to the surgery until I sat down and noticed a pool of blood in my chair when I stood back up; I thought the pain was from a bruised tailbone). And given COVID, I don't want to go to the doctor unless I really have to.

I work in a psychiatric hospital, so sometimes there's a lot of physical exertion when patients get violent, and a few days ago we had a really rough takedown with a patient who was a wrestler. I didn't get hurt or anything but I wonder if that might've done it.

Should I be concerned? Do I have another cyst? Will this close back up?