wound refuses to close


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Last year I (23, female) had open wound surgery (September 23) for a Pilonidal cyst by a general surgeon. Unfortunately, I had this surgery because I had a sudden abscess after driving in a very uncomfortable rental car for 22 hours (although I had never had one before nor had I ever had a Pilonidal cyst or any symptoms of one at all) and my surgeon guaranteed me that I would be healed within six weeks. It has now been five months and I still have a small open wound left and seriously I am starting to lose my shit!!! This has been preventing me from living my life for the past five months, I really regret ever having the surgery and wish I'd just taken the antibiotics instead. Does anyone have advice to help heal a non-healing wound that's in the cleft? And please, if your advice includes "get a cleft-lift" then keep it to yourself. This surgery and recovery process has destroyed my mental health and I certainly cannot handle having another surgery right now, and I live in Germany so there is no one around who can perform a cleft-lift anyway. I just want to feel like myself again and get rid of this stupid wound!!!