wound refuses to close


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Last year I (23, female) had open wound surgery (September 23) for a Pilonidal cyst by a general surgeon. Unfortunately, I had this surgery because I had a sudden abscess after driving in a very uncomfortable rental car for 22 hours (although I had never had one before nor had I ever had a Pilonidal cyst or any symptoms of one at all) and my surgeon guaranteed me that I would be healed within six weeks. It has now been five months and I still have a small open wound left and seriously I am starting to lose my shit!!! This has been preventing me from living my life for the past five months, I really regret ever having the surgery and wish I'd just taken the antibiotics instead. Does anyone have advice to help heal a non-healing wound that's in the cleft? And please, if your advice includes "get a cleft-lift" then keep it to yourself. This surgery and recovery process has destroyed my mental health and I certainly cannot handle having another surgery right now, and I live in Germany so there is no one around who can perform a cleft-lift anyway. I just want to feel like myself again and get rid of this stupid wound!!!


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Hi, I had 3 surgeries, last 2 were open wound healing. What worked for me to help close the wound was a routine where after shower I'd first use 1 pad of sterile gauze to gently dry the cleft and then I'd insert a folded piece of gauze between my butt cheeks and keep it there for the night. This way there's some air getting to the wound and that works against bacteria invading the site. If the wound won't close anyway, then you could try to reach out to pilonidal expert Dr. Bernhard Hofer in Munich who performs minimally invasive surgery. Also in Europe regarding cleft lift, the best surgeon at least in UK is Dr. Asha Senapati who accepts international patients privately.