Wound Reopened


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Hi, the title might be confusing but hopefully when I explain what I mean you can understand.

I had my cyst extraction surgery in September of last year and had to miss work for four weeks because of it. After having the surgery and spending the recovery time home, the stitches (they placed the stitches inside) had dissolved I'm assuming and the wound was open and the doctor said to just let it close which I did and it took quite a long time to do so. During that time I couldn't sit a certain way for too long without getting pain and I couldn't lay on my back at all because it would cause pain. Once it finally closed I was able to sit however and I was able to lay on my back for some time but not for too long because pain would come.

This next part is TMI.
So back in June while I was having sex with my boyfriend, I felt pain in the area and then he told me I was bleeding. I visited the doctor and he said to be gentle and careful but it would close back up. It did a few days later and hasn't opened again until this past weekend. It didn't bleed much if at all, but it's open once again. I was wondering if anyone else (specifically female) has experienced this as well? If you've experienced this in general feel free to comment and share what you did.

I wouldn't mind having another surgery since the pain from it was nothing when compared to when I had the cyst itself but I don't want to have to go to that extreme if there's no need.