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  • Hi jaredsmom,
    I had my surgery a week back, my incission was closed with sutures. I went for checkup. My doc have seen it and said it was smelling bad. He said not to bath but today he removed half of the stiches and said to bath. some type of discharging is happening a lot. It is very high when I sit. So what can I do make it less. One more thing is am not being dressed up at sutures. Please help me.
    Hi Jaredsmom,
    I am getting the cleft lift and I just have a couple of questions. How long before Jared was able to return to normal daily activities, like school? How long did he have to sit with a coccyx cushion? And has he still had no recurrence?
    Hello Jaredsmom,

    i hope you are doing good time with your son , i'am interested to get more info regarding your son's cleft lift operation by Dr.Rosengart and would like to know if your son didnt got any recurrence 3 years now with that operation and all went good , i dont live in USA and need to fly as i'am in another country to meet the Dr.Rosengart

    Thank you
    Hi Jaredsmom I dont know if you got my message that my son had his cleft lift, but i have been thinking of you and all of the help that you gave me and wanted to thank you again. My son is doing great, he went back to school in 14 days and so far everything is great. I still can't believe. Thank you and I hope all is well with you and your family.
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