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    just had surgery!

    Hi Jmmr, I just had surgery on the 22nd - it is a closed wound, at least on the outside (they stitched both buttcheeks together, so underneath I can only guess what they did - an open wound? a closed?) but to answer your question, yes it is normal to have that yellow-orange fluid coming out...
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    New info from Bascom

    Sasha, thanks that clears things up a bit. Makes me feel a bit better since I think some pits showed up for me as well, after my last surgery. Though I can't see what's been ultimately accomplished as I'm all stitched up, one must assume they got rid of those things (the surgeon pointed them...
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    New info from Bascom

    This is interesting, but I find it odd that he cites cases of actual "cysts" occurring so infrequently. The way he describes it it sounds like an anomaly, and yet look at how many of us have it drained and then have it recur, even after multiple surgeries. I'd hate to think I have only an...