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  • Hi sasha,
    I had my surgery a week back, my incission was closed with sutures. Everything is going good till today when I went for checkup. My doc have seen it and said it was smelling bad.he removed only half of sutures.some type of discharging is happening a lot. It is very high when I sit. So what can I do make it less. One more thing is am not being dressed up at sutures. Please help me.
    Hello, thanks for this website! It has been crucial in helping me know what to expect. I was wondering if I could have my thread titled "Three days in recovery and counting" be renamed to "My experience with open excision"? Since most people on the forum seem to go for the cleft lift, I thought having my thread renamed would help people connect with others who are going through the excision process.
    Sasha! I just wanted to thank you. Without this website, I never would have told my doctor. I'm 4 weeks post-op and so glad to know that I'm not the only girl dealing with this. <3
    Hi, Sasha
    I just created an account here. I used my full name a as my member name for my account. Now I think maybe I'd be more comfortable useing a alias as my member name. Is there anyway to change my member name with out starting over and creating a new account?
    Thanks for being here.
    Hi sasha, I was just looking for some advice on something I posted, I am hoping I am experiencing something like what's on the 'you and your scar' page and just wondered if you wrote it or could give me any advice, its the 'is this normal' post, many thanks x
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