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Our short list of rules for posting in these forums.

Forum Rules

You need to register to use these forums, we do this to keep spammers out.

There is a confirmation email that you need to respond to in order to activate your account and you need to have cookies enabled (or add to your Safe list) in order to use the forums.

The email list is completely private and this site NEVER sends out un-requested email.

NOTE: search engine bots will list all posts made here, don't set up a user name that you are worried about someone being able to "Google" at a later point in time, posts made under your user name will show up in search engine results.

There aren’t many rules, but here they are:

  1. Read the website first.
  2. Please try to give us complete information. How long? What kind of surgery? What kind of surgeon? The more specific you are, the better answers you will get.
  3. Please do a search before asking a question.
  4. We treat each other with respect here.
  5. If you are going to do an off-topic post please note in the subject “Off Topic” or “OT”.
  6. We are usually a fairly polite bunch; on occasion the language may get a little salty but frequent profanity is frowned upon. We all understand that sometimes ya gotta swear a little to get the point across, please keep it to a minimum.
  7. Unless you want to get deluged with even more spam, do not post your email address. If you are a registered user, people can email you directly from the board.
  8. Please visit the Polls forum! Please add your votes! These polls are the master tracking system of data submitted by people who visit this site. Those poll answers will, over time, paint a much clearer picture of this disease than any medical study. Those who will come in the future seeking information will benefit from your answers.
  9. We ask that you restrict images to the Pictures Forum only. Usually when people put up images on this forum it involves surgical wounds and people generally like to be warned before those pop up on their screen. We allow image uploads maximum size of 2 mb (2048 kb) per image. File types may be jpg, png or gif.
  10. There is a guide to more details about working with the forum software here.
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"I have had a post deleted. Why?"


I will delete posts based on the following:

  1. Your post was aimed at harassing or intimidating another poster.
  2. It contained extremely offensive material, e.g., racial epithets, hostility, slurs, obscenities or inappropriate sexual imagery.
  3. You posted the same message many, many times--spamming.
  4. You were pointlessly off-topic in a way that other on-topic posters found unacceptable.

Lastly, and most important! People post on this board when they are having problems, they don’t post here when everything is peachy…. Therefore, most of the posts that you will read will be frightening at first and give you the impression that there is nothing but infections, recurrences and incompetent doctors. This is not remotely the case. Less than 10% of all Pilonidal excision surgeries fail or result in problems. It’s those 10% that you will see posting the most on this discussion board. 90% of all people have their surgery and then disappear from the board to get on with their lives. For every bad experience there are 9 good experiences, please keep that in mind.

Donations to the Pilonidal Support Alliance are fully tax deductible.

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