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  1. J

    can't go back to work

    I'm working at a storeage eventhough it's not completely healed. Shave properly and hope for the best. That's what you can do.
  2. J

    Sex after surgery

    I've also had sex with my gf with a VAC on :D sexy thing for sure. Well doggy was my favorite. Or her sitting on a table or something like that...laying on my back was unconfortable. But just do what you like to, if it feels bad then try something different.
  3. J

    How about some humor.........

    They are perfectly normal. I think most of the people on this board has thought about it might had been best to leave it alone. But just remember that you wouldn't know how it developed without surgery. It could have getten a lot worse, maybe fistels would spread. Remember that eventhough you...
  4. J

    A word to Sasha and all forum members!!

    You are right, this is a great place for people who are fighting the battle of their lives. How do i deal with it? Well i have to. And i DO get depressed. During the last year i have been very, very depressed. I've been so far out that i've had suicidal thoughts(even though i would never do...
  5. J

    Surgery in 2 days!! Anesthesia question....

    No it's perfectly understandable the way you feel about genereal anesthesia, and i too would be scared of having it again after what you experienced!
  6. J

    Surgery in 2 days!! Anesthesia question....

    Hey relax, i didn't intend to argue with you. I can only agree with what you are saying about doing the research and then decide what's the best thing for you. What i was trying to say was that there is no reason to be scared of general anesthesia in general - cases like yours are very rare...
  7. J

    Surgery in 2 days!! Anesthesia question....

    general anesthesia is the way forward. i've had it several times, and it has worked like a charm every single time. I would never use local anesthesia, i would freak out. Of course there are cases where things go wrong, but those are were rare. I don't know how it's done in the states, but...
  8. J

    Jared has his surgery today...HELP ME~~

    It is. Seems like your doctors know what they are doing(always a good thing:)). It modern wound healing the wound is almost always left open and then heals from the bottom, this is the best way. Don't care about healing time, just as long as it heals. Seriously who cares if it takes 1 or 2...
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    Hope this works

    Go to imageshack. Upload the photo. Then you see a lot of different types of links. Then just copy the one that's called "Direct" link or something like that. That's it.
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    Hope this works

    Just the links
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    Hope this works

    No it wasn't.
  12. J

    Dry skin in the area

    Yes i do that sometimes. Just buy a good quality and not anything with a lot of parfume etc.
  13. J

    A hairy situation!

    Listen to me, i know exactly how important hair removal is, and you should take it VERY serious. I've been through 6 surgeries 1 of them plasticsurgery. I have walked for 8 months before i found the right doctor that told me it was all about hair removal. He showed my mom how it should be...
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    I think I have a sinus, but no pain? Any advice?

    Nice to see another Scandinavian fellow. If you decides to see a doctor, i really, really suggest you find a good one. I've dealt with this for a LONG time and gone through 6 surgeries before i finally found the best one in Denmark(I'm serious, the team is SO good). I don't know if you live...
  15. J

    Gauze sticking?

    In my world gauze is gauze. 100% cotton, so just stick with the type you're using. What i've done earlier is to moisten the gauze with com purified water before packing. That helped. Anyway i've heard some say that it gets better with time.
  16. J

    A different kind operation?

    Sounds so good my Scandinavian fellow! I really hope that you are totally healed. I will go and see the doctor thursday to get the result from my MR-scan. Can't wait.
  17. J

    A different kind operation?

    I don't want to ruin your hopes, and i really hope that everything turns out well for you!! I told you they did this 5 times to me. The reason they did it that many times was because how good it looked. Like really clean fresh flesh, so the surgeron couldn't understand why it didn't work...
  18. J

    A different kind operation?

    Yes it looks very good IMO. But you should remove those hairs completely. Shave once every week, and this is important. Honey in the wound is not a new thing. Many years ago they used to put sugar in the wound. They have now stopped with this because it increases the risk of infection...
  19. J

    A different kind operation?

    That was what they did to me 5 times before i went to the plastic surgeron. Needless to say - it didn't work for me.
  20. J

    Plastic Surgery

    Plastic surgery is not magic. It will just create another scar. Seriously if you only got a scar left of your pilonidal that's nothing. A lot of other people have to deal with things that are a lot worse. I don't mean to be rude, but you just have to live with it, and it is IMO a really small...