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    Lisa is OUTTA the care unit (hopefully for good)

    Well, I had my partially open/partially closed surgery to remove my cyst and 4 sinus' on Feb 1st 2002. It has been 19 months since my surgery and thus far (thankfully), this surgery has been a success. It took 8 weeks for my wound to completely close up, I had to pack it for 5 weeks, and I was...
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    A simple Question

    Through the good and the bad of the pilonidal surgery, if you were to get a reccurance, would you have the surgery again??
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    Connecticut Surgeons

    New Haven/ Hamden Connecticut Hi all! I am currently 10 months post op. My surgeon definitely knew her stuff, was very caring and compassionate, took the time to explain EVERYTHING to me, and was very thorough with her post op care. She has also removed 3 other cysts on me in other areas...