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    Another John thread

    Here we go again. Just a thread to keep you updated on my situation. as you know i have stopped using the panafil that Anxiousmom sent me. It made it stop bleeding, but that was about it. So a little less than 1 week ago i started using Multidex(Linda sent me). Here is a picture...
  2. J


    Hi there Anybody who know what ever happened to Anxiousmom? it seems that her user is deleted now. I was waiting for a package from her. Could someone provide me with some information? maybe her emailadress?
  3. J

    How many Scandinavians?

    Just wanted to know :)
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    John I

    Okay i'll just continue the thread "John" here. The other one was getting too long. Here is a link to the original thread. I have taken a few photos of the wound over the last couple of weeks. The pictures are taken with my phone, so the...