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    Scar Tissue tore a little

    Well, after being in a car for 14 hrs yesterday sitting, I guess I found out this morning that it was a little too much for me. I've been closed up completely for about a month now and this morning I woke to a little tiny tear in the scar tissue. My wife looked at it and said she can see the...
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    Healed and Released!!!!

    As of May 12th I am officially released by my surgeon. I have been healed for about 6 weeks but he wanted to make sure the scar tissue didnt cause me any problems. There is light at the end of the tunnel people, but please do your research and find the RIGHT surgeon for you.
  3. J

    Removing Hair after healing

    Just wondering for those who have been healed for a while, or just got healed. What products work best for you to keep the area hair free. I want to be able to find something that I can use myself. I do not want my wife to have to shave my butt for the rest of my life. I can get the general...
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    Had Surgery and Feeling..........

    GREAT!!!!!!!!!! I got home about 2:30 today. Surgery itself took about 10-15 minutes. Took me a while to wake up though, I woke up with some double vision so I was in recovery a little longer than expected. My surgeon talked to me, but I was a bit out of it. I go and see him on Tuesday for...
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    Trying an Alternative to Surgery

    I am moving in about 6 weeks so I figured I have atleast that long before I can consider surgery.So, I've decided to take a homeopathy approach. I went and talked with a homeopathy doctor and he suggested I try a couple of things. I am taking Silicea, this helps with boils and will also help...