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  1. Sasha

    Worldwide Map of Advanced Pilonidal Surgeons

    We've added a map to help patients find doctors doing these procedures: Cleft Lift/Modified Karydakis Gips Procedure/Pit Picking EPSiT (Endoscopic Pilonidal Sinus Treatment) Please use this forum for alert us when a doctor retires, moves...
  2. Sasha

    Yahoo, Verizon, AOL Email Address - bouncing

    Hi all, if you are new and registering please do not use email addresses with Yahoo, AOL, or Verizon. For reasons my web host cannot adequately explain, these email services are rejecting emails from my hosts IP. Please use gmail or some other email service. Thanks!
  3. Sasha

    Pilonidal Study: Laser Hair Depilation as Treatment

    Greetings, all. I've been contacted by a representative from Nationwide Children's Hospital in Columbus, Ohio about a study they are working for treating Pilonidal with laser hair removal. They are in the funding stage and will be recruiting participants from the local area soon. The PSA has...
  4. Sasha

    Our bandwidth issue

    You all probably noticed we were down all day yesterday. Spammers from Russia are hitting our servers trying to register for the forums and managed to wipe out our entire bandwidth allotment for the month in just the first 10 days. I'm working with tech support to deny access but this may be a...
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    Today is #GivingTuesday and I'm here to encourage everyone to give back to the organizations in your community that do the heavy lifting of helping and changing lives. Please take a few moments to find a charitable organization to support today. We have a day for giving Thanks, two days for...
  6. Sasha

    Do you shop at Amazon? Help out with Amazon Smile!

    Amazon has a program where it will donate 0.5% of your purchase total to Follow the link below when shopping and help keep us hosted and helping butts all over the globe :wigglebum:
  7. Sasha

    Special Coccyx Cushion Offer from Gelco

    The kind people at Gelco looked at their data and realized that a significant number of their orders were coming from this site, so they have generously offered Pilonidal patients a 15% discount on their products. Offer code: pilo15 Website: Video:
  8. Sasha

    Dr. John Bascom has passed.

    The world lost one of the greatest voices and advocates for better Pilonidal treatments last Friday, March 22. Dr. John Bascom pioneered the Cleft Lift surgery that has helped thousands of patients regain their lives. He trained many of the surgeons who populate our list, they journeyed from...
  9. Sasha

    Spray on Skin Cells Heal Wounds Faster

    This just in and sounds like an exciting development in the world of wound healing, a subject near and dear to every Pilonidal patient.
  10. Sasha

    High-Tech Bandage Spurs Blood Vessel Growth
  11. Sasha

    New MRSA Superbug Found in UK Cows/People
  12. Sasha

    Sugar Increases the Effectiveness of Antibiotics
  13. Sasha

    Brief Downtime on Tuesday, March 8.

    We will be down for a bit tomorrow morning (US West Coast time) while we move to yet another new web host. The current one we just moved to is not going to allow us to use this forum software, so we will pack our bags and go elsewhere. We should be down for only a short period while DNS...
  14. Sasha

    Denmark Pilonidal Site

    From surgeon Anders Bertelsen:
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    This is a test. No need to reply.
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    Welcome to our new forum!

    Due to database corruption from the hacking, we have to reset to Jan 10. All posts or user accounts created Jan 10 Jan 14 were lost. Some of you may need to re-register.
  17. Sasha

    Add Yourself to the Map!

    We finally have a new guest map for Pilonidal sufferers around the world. You will need to log in to your Google account in order to post a marker. Add yourself to our map and make future users feel less alone out there...
  18. Sasha

    We were hacked, things are back up.

    Thank you for your patience. It's has been a very trying 24 hours. Thank you to those who reported the problem through the website contact info!
  19. Sasha

    Cleft Lift Surgeons - Non USA

    Surgeons known to be doing the Cleft Lift are in RED. Surgeons not highlighted in RED may be doing the surgery, but we have no confirmation at this time. Please help us keep the lists up to date - if you find an incorrect address or phone number, or find a surgeon who should be either added or...
  20. Sasha

    New registrations are being moderated

    For all you lurkers out there. If I accidentally delete you along with the 50 spammers who registered today, register again and send me an email.