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    I know this thread probably should be in "I'm Healed and OUTTA HERE!" section, but I want to ask your opinion. Finally I'm healed. This is important to me, and these couple of years were quite rough for me and now I'm trying to recover in normal life. But I can't just forgive what kind of hell...
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    Shit happens

    Oh well, I was too confident that my PC would have gone away. [:^] Today I sat at break room and I felt a little crisp at my old wound place. Well I was shocked what happened. I checked my wound and now there might be a tiny hole (0,1cm, 0,039") as I estimated,. Actually I'm not sure is it...
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    Hi everyone! My pilonidal disease has been defeated a long time ago. But now I would like to know about after-care. I'm not talking about hygiene or hair remove. I'm talking about a scar tissue, bump, or how should I say, in my right buttock near the wound. This scar tissue/bump is like big...
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    What song best describes your pilonidal healing?

    Pilonidal healing is very difficult as we know. Especially for your mental . When I was healing from pilonidal cyst I listened very much music. Since I love music I though I share a song which in my option descripes this very difficult process. Here is a link (Youtube) to the song. It's called...
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    A different kind operation?

    Hi! I'm facing an operation (Thursday) which I've never heard or read at here forum. I've had two open procedures earlier (June 05, November 06). Now my new plastic surgeon has an idea that she grinds my wound just a little bit and then closes it up. Not sure how it's technically done but she...
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    Sudden pain

    Hi ! As someone of you might know that I'm having some healing problems with my wound. We tried second time operating and it doesn't heal as good it suppose to. Doctors have speculated anal fistulas reason for the healing problems. The wound has been quite silent these couple of months, but...
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    Tässä olisi topicci suomalaisille. Tänne vain kertomaan suomeksi oma tarina tai kertomaan/kysymään juttua :)
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    FAQ - Sinus Pilonidalis

    This FAQ gives you information about Sinus Pilonidalis in your own scandinavian language. FAQ conversation is held here NO OFFTOPIC or other pointless posts in here!
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    Discuss and suggestions for the FAQ

    Please post here your FAQ (in your own language) which you think is good enough for the main FAQ for Scandinavian forum. Please explain your FAQ proposal in english so other scandinavian forum users can understand and correct if any mistakes are found. OFFTOPIC allowed