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    Two Monts since i saw my surgeron

    I posted here about two months ago that my surgeon said that due to the high rate of recurnces, he gereraly feels that unless a PC is bad, theres no point in operating on it. Im not sure how i feel about this for the long run but it sets my mind at ease for the end of the school year. Now...
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    Saw surgeon # 2 today

    When i saw surgeon #1 back in January he said he felt surgery was needed as i figured when i found out i had a pilonidal. He said he did mac anastesia and took out a large piece of tissue to make sure he got everything. SO that kinda scared me. So i came home for spring break from college and...
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    Multiple sinuses

    is it normal for there to be mutliple sinuses or is there just supposed to be one. When i went to my dr he said there are 4 openings to the surface, 3 of them he fit a Q-tip in with NO problem and managed to pull out a few hairs with just the q-tip. :(
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    Been reading since i figured out i had a pilo

    Had my pre op meeting with my surgeon. I have 4 sinues, 2 small and 2 large enough for him to get a q-tip in with no pain. He said surgery is needed but with much care i might last till summer vacation because im away at college. He said he does surgery with a local along with a general...