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    Bottoms up!

    Wow I cant believe I am honored to be able to post here. Though I am not quite sure that I will be leavivng the message board just yet... I have formed an addiction to this community as of late :) awww [o+o] So here is my story - I discovered the cyst on January 27, 2003. Went to a minor...
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    Texas Surgeons

    Texas - Central I finally reached my 6 wk post op moment - it's offical - so here's my blurb about a good doctor.... I went to Dr. Douglas Cummins, General Surgeon, in the Central Texas Colorectal & General Surgery Center, Waco, Texas. 254.754.1522 office 254.754.1974 fax 3115 Pine...
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    Where are you from?

    from waco, texas. currently live in fort worth, texas (near dallas)
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    Injury to the tailbone?

    found mine a few days after an all nighter at work - sitting at a desk in an uncomfy chair typing for 20 hours straight. literally. ouch.