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    Unusual pain long after healing....

    Hello again! I was curious, it has been over a month since my wound healed after having my surgical excision, but ever since it has healed, I've had this pain in my tail bone area. It's sort of an achy pain right where I had the excision. It's not really caused by anything, but certain things...
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    Pilonidal - Treated soley with antibiotics???

    Hi! I actually went to a walk-in clinic for my lancing, and the first doctor that saw me said that it was too soon to determine whether surgery was needed, and that even if it was necessary, the cyst was not ready for surgery yet. Anyway, she said to take the antibiotics and come back the next...
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    Pilonidal Disease

    Hi! I just finished going through my surgery and everything, and they just pulled the packing out today, so it's just a matter of letting the wound heal. [x0x] Anyway, I was wondering, if you get a pilonidal cyst, does that mean you have pilonidal disease? Or does that just apply to people who...
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    which part of packing hurts most for you?

    I think they are both equally as excruciating, except that packing it in takes longer, and removing it is generally pretty quick. [xO]
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    Wound related illness?

    Hello, I just had a surgical excision for my cyst a couple of days ago. After I came home, I went to bed and slept for the rest of the day. I woke up at 12:00 am, and started vomiting, I also had diarrhea, and the entire night continued that way. The next day, I had a fever, which the doctor...
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    Severity of pain

    It's absolutely terrible, at first the pain was pretty severe, but since yesterday, it has become crippling. I've never had one before.