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    Canada Surgeons

    You're lucky... here in CA (at least in my city), they aren't done under general. Only local. Or double doses of morpheine....
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    Injury to the tailbone?

    I think mine has always been there, but it first flared up from trauma resulting from a car wreck.
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    How many viewers

    That's not all that uncommon... Most of the ER doctors, and medical students, I have spoken to about this give me the blank stare of death when I ask about Pilonidal disease, or any cysts. They chalk it up to acne, and go on their way. It's sad, really, considering how many people have come...
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    Severity of pain

    You know, they always say "It's not as painful as childbirth". For those of us not familiar with the pain level of bearing young, that means nothing. I've had broken bones, other cysts in various places, more sprains than I care to recall, but this is by far the worst pain I've felt. Most...
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    Where are you from?

    Sacramento, California... or a subregion therein. :)