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    I'm back! Was here in 2004/2005, in 2020 I could use some advice please.!

    I had been diagnosed and had surgery in 2004. It's been so long I had forgotten most of the trauma I went through back then. My current situation was diagnosed as a perianal abscess, however I am not believing that diagnosis until I get a 3rd opinion. 2nd opinion was another pilonidal based...
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    Post the pics or not? Need your advice

    Hello All - I haven't been to this board in a while. I found out I had a PC in March 2004. . .long story. . then had it removed in September 2004. I posted some pics of my surgery on Fotopic for all the girls as it seemed like I could never find any to look at myself. It's been over a...
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    Ok, technically I've been healed for a couple weeks now. . .but so busy I guess I forgot to put something on here! I still visit back from time to time. . just because. I never know if I may be back on full time I guess. Anyhoo, I will put some more "g'bye" stuff on here in the next week...