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    Few questions on SUGERY

    Hi. I am only 15 and i live in the UK. I have been diagnosed with pilonidal cyst and have seen a colorectal surgeon through the NHS. He is very friendly, and understands that i would like to get the sugery over and done with. January 2006 is very important for me as i have my mocks, then...
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    Minor sugery...have it done or not?

    Hi there. I am 15 years old and have had a pilonidal cyst for a long time now but it is not that bad. I have seen my doctor, and he says it is very small so in December i got a dose of Antibiotics. Then in March i got some stronger antibiotics because the first batch didnt work. Everything...
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    please help me!!! :(

    hi there, i'm only 14 years old and stupidily, i'm scared to death!!! ive had this lump on my lower back, im pretty sure its a pilonidal cyst coz all the symptoms match up. its painful sitting down, but i can resist it..but this morning i got up and it was really painful. there is pus and...