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    Advice on usage of silver nitrate / Multidex Powder / collagen gel

    I'm sorry to hear that a small part of your wound has opened up again. I have experience using Multidex powder and Multidex gel. They work very well for closing hard to heal wounds. Eleven years ago, I was the first person to post information about Multidex on this forum. No one had ever...
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    A different kind operation?

    That really sounds great! I hope this is the end of it now for you and you are finally healed.
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    Another John thread

    You've come a long way from this picture you posted on March 28, a little less than a month ago. I hope you are healed soon!
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    Another John thread

    This picture he took 3 days ago might help with the comparison. It's noticeable smaller.
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    Fell hard on 2 year old surgery scar..what to do?

    I would take an anti-inflammatory like Advil twice a day for several days to reduce any swelling from the fall, and see if this makes the shooting pains go away.
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    Another John thread

    TheManWithPC, I've been wondering how you've been! I just sent you a Private Message. I'd be glad to send you another tube of Multidex gel.
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    Another John thread

    That's great progress in a short amount of time! The wound is so much smaller now. You could be healed soon!
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    Just Noticed something in the Website...

    Silver is known for it's ability to kill bacteria. It is used in various wound healing dressings such as Aquacel AG (AG is the chemical sign for silver), Silverlon, Acticoat and others. It is also in Silvadene cream which is used to prevent in infection in burns. More information about this...
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    Just Noticed something in the Website...

    Colloidal silver has definitely been good for our family. We take an excellent colloidal silver called Mesosilver, which has really helped us with various problems including infections that were not helped by antibiotics. (One thing, though, a person should not take colloidal silver that...
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    5 days out of surgery, I need help. Packing pain.

    If you are using gauze to pack the wound, are you moistening the gauze with saline solution first before putting it in the wound? Wounds heal faster and are more comfortable when kept moist. The pain you are having when removing the packing sounds like the wound is becoming too dry. If you...
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    Multidex Panafil ??

    Lewisg and JohnK, When my son's wound stopped healing, Multidex got it healing again until it was closed. Panafil ointment may have temperature requirements but Multidex does not. Multidex can only be purchased through internet companies and I don't know of any that ship internationally. I...
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    Possible re-operating ?

    Since you have a couple months before your next surgery and the problem is wound healing and not a fistula, I would continue trying to get the wound closed. Is the area still very small that needs to heal? Zinc can be helpful with healing. You might want to take a good vitamin and mineral...
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    Possible re-operating ?

    TheManWithPC, I haven't heard from you for a while so I'm really glad you posted. I've been wondering how you've been. You told me that the doctor had recently decided that the small hole that wouldn't heal wasn't a wound healing problem but was a new problem called a fistula. Is the new...
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    Reoccurrence? :(

    Maybe the scar area has become irritated or inflamed rather than the problem coming back. You might want to try taking an anti-inflammatory like Advil for several days and see if the swelling and soreness goes away.
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    complications and quite a bit worried

    Penguin201, I'm really glad you are going to try Multidex gel. Multidex might get your wound closed for you. Three years ago when my son had open surgery, his wound stopped healing after 2 months so I took him to a wound care center. They had me start using Multidex in his wound which...
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    Hello...newbie and need.

    If your wound doesn't finish healing later, most people buy Multidex on the internet and start using it themselves until their wound is closed. If for some reason you try that and were still having a problem, I would go to a wound care center rather than another surgeon because you've said that...
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    Seven years, seven surgeries

    My son had a large wound after surgery which was left open to heal. Multidex made all the difference in getting his wound closed. Multidex comes in a gel or powder. The gel is easier to use for people who are changing the dressing themselves. One person put the gel on a Qtip to get it in the...
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    Hello...newbie and need.

    Tony20stewart, Sometimes after excision surgery, a person will have trouble getting the last little spot to heal. If you have any more trouble healing in the future, try using Multidex gel. It is made for hard to heal wounds and works well even if it has been many months since surgery. When...
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    I've lurked enough..

    4thgenceli, Since sitting in a tub is uncomfortable, maybe try applying hot wet compresses or a damp heat pack to the area to get it draining and relieve the pain.
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    I've lurked enough..

    That's good that since your surgery, baths have helped you with the pain for short periods. For people with a cyst who are having a painful flareup, hot baths usually work well to get the cyst draining which relieves the pain and pressure.