after care

  1. K

    GIPS Procedure Day 1 Post Procedure

    Hi all, I did a lot of reading here prior to my procedure and I am so thankful for people sharing their experiences so I knew what to expect. I had my Pilonidal cyst appear after cycling, I had previous issues but this pain was unlike anything I’d ever experienced. I thought I had broken my...
  2. B

    My story, more importantly my advice!

    Hi, I am a 24 year old female from England. This post is going to be a lengthy one but hopefully helpful to someone (maybe just like me when I first came to this site) I first came on this website when I first started having flare ups. Every 7 months an abscess would form. Build for 6 to 7 days...
  3. M

    Stitches Post-Surgery

    Hi everyone! I'm new here but I had just gotten my surgery on July 19th. I'm a pretty overweight female with PCOS (hormonal disorder which gives me more testosterone, which gives me hair in certain places, which is why I developed a cyst). The Dr. told me that she was going to do the packing...
  4. A

    Any advice for closed surgery after care

    I got my first pilonidal sinus 9 months ago and it always only leaked blood. I never felt any pain and the blood leaking from the sinus was like a cycle. One month there was leakage other month I was fine. Very rarely I felt uncomfortable sitting when it did happpen it lasted a few seconds. (I'm...
  5. L

    I just don’t know, can you help?

    hello everyone, I’m in a bit of a pickle regarding my sinus that I had operated on last Thursday (1 week ago). My surgeon explained he had 3 options as to what he’d do but wouldn’t know which he’d do until he got in there. I wake up and he’s gone home as I was the last of the evening list so I...