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    Please help - appearance of a pilonidal cyst ?

    Hi everyone, I'm soliciting you today because I am very anxious. For ten days, I feel pain in the lower back. But since 5 days, it's focused on a lump that has just appeared at my sacrum and which strongly exceeds (and was not there before). I don't see any hair, holes, it doesn't ooze, it's...
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    Periodically bleeding pilonidal sinus. Should I be worried about infection?

    Before I start, I do have anxiety and some occasional hypochondria. So I know that there's a high possibility I'm being irrational about this. Anyway, I first noticed some discharge from the area almost exactly four years ago. There was a lot of greenish fluid in addition to blood, so I went to...
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    A few hours after I wake up it will be time for surgery.

    Finally getting the cleft lift tomorrow with Dr bascom. Laying here in bed trying to sleep but anxious and afraid of what's to come tomorrow. Afraid of the iv, also TMI but my period started two days ago so I'm going to be on it during surgery and that's freaking me out a ton, just another thing...
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    Have the appointment with Dr. Bascom tomorrow.

    I went through the hoops I had to go through to get the appointment and now its the night before and I'm struggling with the anxiety and fears. I believe I remember one of the ladies at his office say they plan the consultation as the same day as the surgery so I know I'm probably getting the...
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    I'm thinking taking the Cleft Lift route, have a couple questions..

    Hi again, I recently made a post about what I've been going through. I have my doctors appointment tomorrow for the check up a week after the lancing I just had, it had to be packed for 4-5 days, after that it couldn't really be packed anymore. Its basically back to feeling gone and what not...