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    Bleeding after stitches removed

    It's been over 2 weeks since I've had a closed excision and 3 days since I've gotten my stitches removed. My doctor said that some bleeding may occur and that it is normal, but didn't say when the bleeding should stop. It's bleeding constantly and I'm worried its infected or something.
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    In Need Of HELP!! Suggestions? Pilonidal??

    First off, hello and thank you so much in advance for any information and/or guidance to help. I apologize if I am not posting in the correct place as well. I want to know if this sounds like a classic case of pilondial abscess or if it could possibly be something else.... Ok so let me start...
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    Leaking after pilonidal surgery

    Hi guy, So i had the drainage surgery around 2 years ago. Which of course after it came back to me. Last week i had surgey again to aparantly remove it from its root. The wound was left open and ive got to get it packed (dressing) everyday. But today i noticed some dry blood between my bum...
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    Pilonidal cyst, 1 mo. into healing, bleeding?

    I got surgery a little over a month ago, started out as a closed wound, but it opened so now I've been packing the wound for about 2 weeks now. The first week, we weren't packing it deep enough at home, but this week, we've been packing it much deeper and it seems to be healing better. My...
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    What is this coming out of my wound?

    I'll start off with a lil background first. I had my first ever pilonidal cyst drained around June last year and I've been left with an open wound that's been healing ever since. I recently got discharged from my clinic and instructed to look after it myself. I had been doing everything...
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    Please help, one month after?

    Hello. Around the beginning of October, I noticed that it was hard to sit, walk, and lay down due to an intense pain in my upper crack area. Never had I ever had any issue with that area before. I think it was triggered by landing on my butt too many times in my club sport? I felt a medium-sized...