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    Laser Treatment in Toronto (The Med Spa or BioFlex Rehabilitation Centre)

    Hi everyone, I've been suffering from an on and off pilonidal cyst for 6 years now. This recent flair up has been worse. No pain, but almost 24/7 draining for just over a month now so it has pushed me to seek longer term solutions that are not as invasive as open wound surgery. My cyst is just...
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    Laser Surgery (Toronto)

    I was diagnosed with this back in May, and my FD's response was to essentially just live with it. I don't exactly feel comfortable with that, and it's very uncomfortable so I started looking into other options. I've been doing a lot of research and have had my eyes on Dr. Morgan in Toronto...
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    Anyone familiar with Langley Surgical?

    Found a center which does cleft lift in Vancouver, BC, Canada, called langley surgical. Anyone familiar with these doctors and if they are good at it? I'd prefer to not travel to states since it incurs high costs.
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    Surgeon only removed my cyst, left the sinus tract behind?

    Hi everyone, I am in the Ontario Canada area and am 1 week post-op my. During my appointment last week, the doctor decided to perform an open excision on the spot of my cyst, which was small. His excision was only 1cm x 0.5cm big. He told me I was lucky that it was small, and that he would...
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    Post-Closed excision Canada

    Hi there all, new here. 29 year old female from Alberta, Canada. Have dealt with pilonidal cyst for over a decade. Lance & drain offset from midline in 2008ish before they knew what it was. This led to bad scar tissue which also continued to get infected along with the pilonidal cyst time after...