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  1. J

    Cleft Lift May 27, 2021 Dr. Wadie

    Hi everyone, Wanted to add to the great collection of cleft lift stories in this forum. I had cleft lift surgery with Dr. George Wadie in Raleigh, NC on May 27, 2021. There are a lot of these recovery logs for Dr. Immerman and several other doctors but not many for Dr. Wadie so I thought I would...
  2. A

    Fixing Split Incision

    Hi, I've been dealing with a split at the bottom of my cleft lift incision for a couple of months now. I have a doctors appointment scheduled for Friday at a general wound healing center where I live, as I live very far away from my surgeon. I'm really hoping they can help with finally closing...
  3. A

    Cleft Lift recovery issues

    Hi all, I'm a 20 y/o male. I decided to make an account to see if anyone on here could help. I've combed through the internet in desperate search for anything that might be helpful to me, so far to little avail. I had a pilonidal cyst I first noticed my senior year of high school. At first I...
  4. C

    Cleft Lift Recovery

    Hi everyone, I got my cleft lift surgery a little over 2 months ago with Dr. Sternberg of San Francisco. I still have pain when sitting in my desk chair. Sitting on the couch is ok. Laying on my back is just somewhat uncomfortable. I was wondering if anyone else had this problem and when I can...
  5. Dr Immerman

    New Cleft Lift Research Published

    For those of you interested in clinical research data on the success of the cleft lift procedure, here is an article I just published on my experience with 700 patients from 1993 to 2020. Click here if you would like to see the article. Dr Immerman
  6. N

    Post Cleft-Lift: Details For Anyone Considering it!

    Hi All, I posted in September 2020 about possibly getting the Cleft Lift, and I wanted to give an update for anyone considering the cleft lift surgery, as I got the surgery done with Dr. Immerman in November 2020. Some background, I'm Female 21, had an open wound for 2 years post open-excision...
  7. G

    Cleft Lift

    Hi all, I have a recurring abscess - I had an I&D done in August so it opens and drains in the shower when it comes back about every 6 days. I am having the cleft lift surgery done by Dr. Wadie this week. Does anybody have any suggestions for the surgery? How is the staff at Capital Surgery...
  8. S

    Cleft lift surgeons in Ireland/Northern Ireland?

    I'm wondering does anyone know of or have experience with surgeons in Ireland who do the cleft lift procedure? Don't really want to go the open excision route. I checked the pdf list posted here but the surgeon in Belfast who did do it is now retired.
  9. T

    Please given surgeon recommendations in Georgia

    I am desperate to find a surgeon in Georgia as I cannot travel, especially with the coronavirus pandemic. I have read of Dr. Ramakrishnan on this site, but she is unfortunately out of my insurance network. I am dead set on the cleft lift procedure as I want the least possibility of this ever...
  10. S

    Texas Surgeons

    Texas - Central I finally reached my 6 wk post op moment - it's offical - so here's my blurb about a good doctor.... I went to Dr. Douglas Cummins, General Surgeon, in the Central Texas Colorectal & General Surgery Center, Waco, Texas. 254.754.1522 office 254.754.1974 fax 3115 Pine...
  11. D

    3 failed surgeries, should I consider Cleft Lift?

    I'm so happy I've found this site. I'm sure we all feel the same way, it's heartening to know that there are other people in situation and we're all in this together. I've had this disease acutely for over 6 years (male, mid 20s). I had an excision in 2014, 2015 (seemed to go well), and again...
  12. B

    Cleft Lift Recovery Log (01/06/20) - Dr. Marc Brand

    Hello! I’ve been lurking this forum a lot the past few months and figured I would do my part in sharing my experience with others. Seeing the recovery logs of others is what convinced me to get the surgery done. I meant to do this earlier but my computer is in the basement so walking down...
  13. G

    Cleft Lift After 1.5 Years

    Hi all, Like many of you, I struggled with living with a pilonidal cyst. The constant pain, bleeding, embarrassment that come with this disease were a lot to deal with as a male in his early 20s. I’m glad to say that 1.5 years post surgery I am still completely cyst free! Along with being a...
  14. M

    Dr. Immerman - Surgery 11/26/19

    My son (16) had the cleft lift surgery performed by Dr. Immerman today. Speaking from a mom's perspective, I can say without a doubt, Dr. Immerman is the correct surgeon if you decide to go with the cleft lift procedure. He was kind, thorough in his explanation, and comforting during a time of...
  15. M

    Anyone familiar with Langley Surgical?

    Found a center which does cleft lift in Vancouver, BC, Canada, called langley surgical. Anyone familiar with these doctors and if they are good at it? I'd prefer to not travel to states since it incurs high costs.
  16. H

    Cleft Lift 11/12/19 - Recovery Log

    Hello everyone. I thought I would start a log to help others who may be going through this. Background: I think I am lucky because my background with pilonidal cysts is extremely minimal. A tiny lump was discovered under the skin to the left of my tailbone about four years ago. You can't see it...
  17. K

    Cleft Lift -- return to work questions

    Hey there. Minimal background: I became aware of some tailbone pain close to 10 years ago. I think there was a bump at the time but it went away and I had no problems for a long time. A year or two ago, I started to notice blood when wiping, and then hole(s) in my buttcrack. I have what Dr...
  18. N

    Cleft Lift Cost?

    Hey all- just wondering what folks have paid for the cleft lift operation. I had open excision 5 years ago and have experienced on and off wound re-opening every few months since then so I finally contacted Dr. Immerman and will be heading out to Wisconsin for the surgery. I have a fairly high...
  19. S

    Please advice! Cleft lift in 4 days! I'm scared

    Hi everyone, Going for the cleft lift procedure in 4 days. I'm really hoping this the end. I'm really scared the incision is just going to open up again and I'm going to deal with yes another year of unhealing wounds! ANY advice on what to do after surgery to ensure a good recovery and no...
  20. M

    Anxious Over Cleft Lift

    So am based in Canada and there are no cleft lift surgeons here. I have been dealing with an open wound since my last wide excision which was July 2018. I'm beyond frustrated at this point and don't know what to do, all docs want to keep cutting me apart. I thought of going to Dr. Immerman or...