cleft lift

  1. P

    Cleft Lift tomorrow!

    Hi everyone, My cleft lift is scheduled for tomorrow and I’m really hoping all goes well. I’m hoping to use this thread to document the process and healing for anyone interested. For those who have had a CL - any last minute advice/perspective? I’m starting to get some jitters and I’m pretty...
  2. V

    Those who have had cleft lift surgery…

    I have a consultation with Dr. Kardakia coming up at the end of March for my PC. Not sure when the actual surgery will happen though just yet until I see him. My question is: How long after cleft lift can you swim in a pool? I have a family vacation planned for the beginning of June at a...
  3. S

    1 Year Post Cleft Lift

    This community was a great help back when I was struggling with pilonidal disease, so I wanted to share my experience here in case it could benefit others. I decided to go with the cleft lift surgery about a year ago and haven't had an issue since fortunately. I didn't want to celebrate too...
  4. B

    My experience with Closed Excision (not as dreary as one might expect!)

    Hey all!! I’ve been a lurker on this forum for a little bit, and I always swore I would post my experience here at some point since seeing/reading other’s experiences was so helpful to me!! In summary, I had a closed excision (stitched on the midline) in April of this year (2023). My surgeon...
  5. MySelf

    Cleft Lift/pit Picking CANADA (VANCOUVER)

    Sup Ya'lls hope everybody is doing okay! If anybody is in Canada, we have several Cleft Lift surgeons. Location - Langley. Dr. Cowie Dr. Lord Dr. Goodwin All 3 were trained by Dr. Bascom approx 5 years ago.
  6. D

    Another Cleft Lift Recovery Post (UK with Mr Carapeti)

    Hi all - haven't seen too many updates post-procedure with Mr Emin Carapeti of London Colorectal Group, so thought I would post one. History: Female patient. Pilonidal sinus first presented around 1999. No further flare-ups until 2012. Recurrent inflammation about twice a year until I&D in...
  7. H

    Post-op Cleft-Lift with Dr. Immerman

    Hey there everyone! I had my cleft-lift done with Dr. Immerman on 5/11/2023 and just wanted to give quick update. 5/10: My parents and I drove to Nashville on Tuesday night (5/9) and stayed in a hotel as our flight to Minneapolis-Saint Paul departed at 6am. We landed at 8am, rented a car and...
  8. I

    Pit picking without any pits?

    So I'm the recipient of a failed cleft lift, My original cyst itself was small and near the tailbone and it wasn't the cyst that was the issue, rather the moisture and drainage from the sinuses which made the afflicted area really large. I saw a doctor and they performed the cleft lift...
  9. H

    My Journey

    I found this forum last night, and just think it is awesome. I found it so helpful to read some of y'all's posts and really found some comfort. This is long, so do not feel compelled to read it. I am just hoping that sharing my story has the ability to help someone else. I am 25 years old and...
  10. M

    WNY (Rochester NY) Pilonidal Cleft Lift Doctors

    Hello! I had surgery back in November that failed to treat a pilonidal cyst (with a General Surg. who had limited experience with this). I have been dealing with it since June. Sadly, the one from November opened up, did not heal, and became infected. Have multiple points. I've been undergoing...
  11. H

    Looking for advice/cry for help

    Currently crippled from a bad flare up (personal worst ever) and not having a good time. I’m looking to get a cleft lift but without insurance I’m terrified of sinking into debt or wasting my time with travel. With my past trauma from the healthcare system I find myself frozen. Any advice on...
  12. D

    Flap procedure and cleft lifts: how long did they leave in your surgical drain?

    Just wondering what everyone's experience was..
  13. woundedgal

    Looking for Cleft Lift Experiences.. please help!!

    Hello all! I am a 24 year old female who has been experiencing the physical and mental struggles many of you have been through. Long story short I had a Pilonidal excision surgery in March of this year (2022) that was closed with stitches. Less than a month after the stitches were removed, the...
  14. A

    Open wound after cleft lift with Senapati

    Hi all, I wanted to create a thread about wounds opening up after having a cleft lift procedure with Asha Senapati. I’ve been referred to her after 9 months of grief and 3 failed surgeries with my surgeon at my local hospital. I had a cleft lift procedure with her last week (03/08/22) and she...
  15. F

    Cleft lift experience - Seattle WA

    Hello all, I've been following threads here and on reddit looking for experiences for the cleft lift surgery for a while now and figured it was only fair that I post my own experience as well for those looking into the procedure. To provide additional context I am a 27 year old male that works...
  16. H

    Has anyone ever had a failed flap surgery like this?

    Has anyone ever had a failed flap surgery that isn’t a typical specialist flap? More like a standard flap that the surgeon has tried to apply on a Pilonidal sinus? Mine sort of looks like an irregular oval of skin that’s been transplanted after a deep excision.
  17. M

    Cleft Lift surgery day 3/7/22

    Dr Marc Brand seems to be in the hall of fame here. The nurses were telling me that people travel from all over the country to have surgery by him. I’m forever thankful that he chose to specialize in this procedure, and lucky he is 40 minutes away. Being a female, I’ve seen multiple women post...
  18. M

    Cleft Lift post op daily log

    You guys all helped me so much so I figured I’d also share my daily healing. Some back story: I am a 35 year old female and had my first flare up at 21. I got it to drain by myself and had no issues up until this year, where it flared up 3x in 5 months (typically after sitting on hard surfaces...
  19. O

    Best surgeons (Indiana/Indianapolis)?

    Hi everyone! I’ve suffered from pilonidal disease for 3 years. Over time, it has definitely gotten worse. I’m trying to get a cleft lift to prevent this problem from reoccurring. Does anyone have any suggestions for surgeons in the Indianapolis area? I have a consultation with Dr Vincent...
  20. O

    Questions to assess Surgeons

    Hello! I have a consultation with a local surgeon. I’m very worried and would like to have a successful cleft lift. What questions should I ask during my consultation to make sure I have a successful cleft lift?