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  1. S

    Cleft lift with Dr. Akopian in Pasadena, CA

    Anyone ever had any contact with Dr. Akopian? His website lists him as doing pit picking and bascom cleft lifts, but I haven’t seen anyone talk about him yet. He seems to be the only in network provider for me in the Los Angeles area.
  2. A

    Almost a year post cleft lift and there is blood coming from the bottom of the incision

    Hi everyone, my name is Angela no I had Dr. Marc Brand do my cleft lift last July (almost a year ago now). I have gained about 8 pounds since then, and I have noticed today that there is discomfort and blood coming from the bottom of my incision. Has anyone else had this kind of issue this far...
  3. pilopat

    Cleft lift surgery in Seattle, WA area?

    I am looking for doctors having high success rate for Pilonidal Cleft Lift surgery in Greater Seattle area. Please recommend. Also, share you experiences.
  4. pilopat

    First time painful Pilonidal

    I have been diagnosed pilonidal cyst and sinus after being in pain for over 5 months. The general surgeon has recommended and wound will be stitched back. Also, doctor has assured me that there will not be any structural problem on the hips other...
  5. T

    Surgeon Randall Rogers?

    Dr Randall Rogers performs the cleft lift in San Antonio Tx. Can anyone provide feedback, good or bad?? He is on the Hall of Fame list, but I can find very little information about him elsewhere on this forum. Please comment or PM me!
  6. N

    Cleft Lift 02/08/2019 Recovery (Dr. Immerman)

    Hey guys! This forum helped me a ton so I would love to give back. I am a 22 year old male and have had zero previous surgeries! I also am by no means a professional writer, so hang with me. I intend to update this thread as often as possible, and I will answer questions the best I can! Short...
  7. KatieMarie

    Cleft Lift 1/24/19 Dr. Immerman - Recovery Log

    Hi everyone! I just had my cleft lift done yesterday and thought I would post a log and give some updates! Yesterday started with an appointment at Dr. Immerman’s office at 10:30 where he looked at the wound and answered all of my questions. He’s extremely nice and laid back and encouraged me...
  8. N

    Cleft Lift

    I am very thankful to have found this forum! I have been dealing with pilonidal disease for 5 years. It first appeared in high school during my junior football season. Due to sports (football/baseball) I elected not to have the open excision surgery a local surgeon recommended. I have had ups...
  9. Breathe

    Calling All Cleft Lift-ers! Did the bottom open for you?

    Hi guys, Had my cleft lift done 5 days ago by the famous Dr. Bascom and feeling great! I’ve read a lot of stories that it’s common for the bottom of the incision to open up slightly but heal on it’s own. Hoping that doesn’t happen but we’ll see. I wanted to start this poll to see a couple...
  10. Breathe

    Cleft Lift by Dr. Bascom Recovery Log - FINALLY!

    Day 0 1/8/19 12:30pm Hello all, A little backstory...I’ve been dealing with pilonidal disease since I was 16 years old back in 2012. I had 2 surgeries done (both closed excision) and a wound vac put in place back then. After the wound vac I was basically all good. I was left with a tiny hole...
  11. KatieMarie

    Closed excision nightmare

    Hi there! My name is Katie. I am 25 years old and work as a surgical ICU nurse in Ann Arbor, Michigan. My nightmare began in March of this year. I developed my pilonidal abscess and had it drained in the ER. It was a traumatically painful experience. About 6 days after I had it drained, two...
  12. A

    Three months post-op cleft lift blood?

    Hi everyone, I had a cleft lift with Dr. Brand in Chicago back in July. Everything went relatively well and I was able to go back to almost normal by September. I was sitting for extended periods of time for my classes, squatting once in a while at work, and walking to and from my classes...
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  14. B

    California (Northern) Surgeons

    SF Bay Area (South Bay) Seth Strichartz, M.D., F.A.C.S. Board Certified, General Surgery Camino Medical Group 301 Old San Francisco Road Sunnyvale, CA 94086 408-730-4320 He's been a really good doctor through my open surgery. He has done many pilonidal surgeries and really seems to...
  15. B

    Cleft lift/inefection nerves and questions.

    Hi fellow pilo sufferers. I commend you for your resilience and pain tolerance. Short back story. I’ve had 3 abscesses- first, two years ago during finals week in college. Second, a little less than 2 months ago. Third, currently. I am 26, female, not hairy, very active, thin and I work on...
  16. CarrieZ

    Failed cleft lift procedure

    I’ve seen many success stories on here with people that have had the cleft lift procedure done.. has anyone been not so lucky? I had the cleft lift procedure done in August 2017.A month and a half into healing my cleft lift completely split in three places.. the top, middle (where skin is...
  17. S

    Is my experience common?

    Hi everyone, I’m amazed to have found this place. This website has helped me understand this problem much better and I’m thankful for all the insight it’s provided. I’m a 25 y/o girl from Australia. For years (probably 10) I had tiny flare ups maybe once a year with my cyst. I had no idea what...
  18. 1

    Wound is not healing, need advice please

    Hi, I am a 21 year old from Adelaide South Australia and had surgery for my pilonidal sinus last year (December 13th, 2018). My stitches popped open 2 weeks post surgery, and I have been getting the wound cleaned and packed daily since then. It has been an extremely long and frustrating 8...
  19. L

    A few hours after I wake up it will be time for surgery.

    Finally getting the cleft lift tomorrow with Dr bascom. Laying here in bed trying to sleep but anxious and afraid of what's to come tomorrow. Afraid of the iv, also TMI but my period started two days ago so I'm going to be on it during surgery and that's freaking me out a ton, just another thing...
  20. Breathe

    On The Verge of the Cleft Lift....

    I could probably write a book about my past 6 years with this thing on my butt, but I'll try to keep this short. 6 years ago I noticed itching and a smell coming from my backside. Turns out it was a pilonidal cyst (betcha didn't see that coming). I had a closed incision surgery. Like most, this...