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    Cleft Lift with Dr. Brand Recovery Log (6/16/18)

    Day 6 I had my cleft lift done by Dr. Brand this past Monday (July 16th), and I really wanted to write a recovery log so I could let you all know how I’m recovering and answer any questions you may have about cleft lifts and recovery! I had my first follow up with Dr. Brand on Friday (July...
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    How many days can I go without a BM after my cleft lift before it becomes an issue?

    Hi everyone, I had my cleft lift done on July 16th by Dr. Brand in Chicago, and if I’m being honest the more time that passes without me making a BM the more nervous I get. I have been taking stool softeners and drinking a lot of fluids, staying away from any foods that might stop me up. This...
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    Issues having BM with wound vac, any suggestions?

    I got the wound vac nearly two weeks ago. After the first week, my wound went down nearly half in depth. The second week wasn’t so good, as they realized the tract I have is deeper than they thought and might be going into my rectum. I also had a patch of unhealthy tissue somehow grow that they...
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    2.5 years post surgery-wound reopening

    Hi all, I had surgery about 2.5 years ago after 3 cyst infections. The surgery and healing went well for about a year then I noticed bleeding when using the bathroom (bowl movement). When inspecting the area, I saw the incision area had reopened and got a few hairs out when wiping the area...
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    Need help, don't know if pilonidal cyst

    Hello everybody I'm new here and I'm glad this place exists as I have no idea what's going on with me, since I can't determine what is happening, maybe I can at least determine what is NOT happening. I have been on a Methadone Maintenance program for over 3 years, and it causes very bad...