1. A

    How I got rid of my cyst WITHOUT surgery

    So my first pilonidal cyst formed when I was barely 19 and I had to get it drained. The doctor said it should clear up when he drained the pus and stuck a gauze with antibiotics inside. Unfortunately, three days later I was in the hospital with the cyst the size of a golf ball and with heart...
  2. R

    Possibly Found A Way To Manage?? HELP!

    I am a 24 year old female currently suffering my third pilonidal cyst. I am a healthy weight and not hairy. First one was 7 months ago and was the worst pain I've ever had. Occurred after a 12 mile bike ride. I ended up bursting it myself by just squeezing it because I knew nothing about what...
  3. C

    HELP! Is this a pilonidal sinus? If so, how do I get rid of it?

    These appeared randomly the other day, I had quite a large bump before but I had read to put a certain solution on it, which I did and it drained on its own. Now the bump/cyst is gone, and I'm left with these?? How do I get rid of these? I feel so weird and self-conscious about them. I just want...
  4. olivier

    Potentially "Healed" without any surgery.. READ THIS !

    I have a rather interesting theory that I'd like to share here, not sure if this would work for everyone with this disease but it works perfectly for me, your comments are very welcome and I would love to hear any explanation you might have on why this is working, or if you are skeptical let us...
  5. A

    Homeopathic cure

    Hi, a while ago I read about a homeopathic cure here with all the ingredients and quantyties, written by Jennifer8888, however in the post it didn't say for how long to stay on the cure and I therefor don't know how much to buy? So my question is if anyone here who is maybe into homeopathy, or...