cyst draining

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    Is my experience common?

    Hi everyone, I’m amazed to have found this place. This website has helped me understand this problem much better and I’m thankful for all the insight it’s provided. I’m a 25 y/o girl from Australia. For years (probably 10) I had tiny flare ups maybe once a year with my cyst. I had no idea what...
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    Debating surgery... Help!!?

    I’m finally completely fed up with my polinidal cyst. I am planning on calling a surgeon soon and booking an appointment to discuss my options regarding the cyst. From what I understand there are multiple ways to deal with the cyst, such as just draining it and packing it, to full on removing...
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    Cysts in other areas

    Hey y'all! So last week I had a pretty large cyst develop on the back of my neck. It was very similar to my Pilonidal cysts appearance wise. It drained by itself and it was disgusting, but I digress. Does anyone else have this problem too? It would suck if I got cysts there frequently now...
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    Advice For A Newbie?

    Hey guys, thought I'd ask you all for advice in this department since this site apparently gets some pretty good responses. I'll tell you how it all happened and all the yummy details and post my questions at the end. About 4 days ago (Wednesday night, it's now Saturday night and hour till...