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    Looking for basic info

    Ive had my pilonidal cyst drained 3 times now, and it comes back about a month later (despite packing, cleaning, etc.). So I figure I need surgery to get it removed, right? Problem is that they schedule those surgeries a long period in advance, which means it's about a month away. I see people...
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    scab or something on above drained cyst

    I had a cyst that drained on it's own before I could get surgery a few months ago. Since then some sort of scab has formed above where the cyst is. I am not sure if this is another sinus that formed to let the cyst drain (I was asleep when it drained, best/worst thing to wake up to) or what...
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    Karydakis Questions - Dr. LP Cheah

    Hi all, Quick bit of background on myself. I first had a pilonidal cyst about four years ago. Had it done at the hospital as an open wound as it had gotten badly infected and ended up in emergency. I also back then at 19 had no idea really what I was dealing with. Anyway, took a few months of...
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    Post-Closed excision Canada

    Hi there all, new here. 29 year old female from Alberta, Canada. Have dealt with pilonidal cyst for over a decade. Lance & drain offset from midline in 2008ish before they knew what it was. This led to bad scar tissue which also continued to get infected along with the pilonidal cyst time after...
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    Need a little advice with waiting for cyst to drain on its own

    I had a case 3 years ago and the pain was so bad, I had no idea what this was I couldn't bare it and went straight to the ER believe it or not. Doctor there cut it open and drained it out, which was ridiculously painful as I'm sure you're all aware. I was prescribed antibiotics and sent home...