1. X

    2 Flare ups back to back. Considering cleft lift. Need advise

    Hi everyone. Need all the helpful advise i can get Early 2017 i started lifting and Squatting, riding my road bike 3 times a week and one day felt a bump near tailbone. For most part of 2017 i thought this was a tailbone injury. Recently i went to a dermatologist and found out its a pilonidal...
  2. P

    Primary closure with flap -Middle east

    Hi guys, Hope you are all doing well. I finally got operated 3 weeks back for pilonidal cyst and had a primary closure with a modified flap. The first week was horrible with the tube,to make it worse I was constipated which later eased off with laxative. Things got better from the second...
  3. Dan Jobson

    Small Hole in newly healed wound

    Hey guys. I had flap surgery back in June 2017, which broke down shortly after and then eventually healed by Christmas. For the last few weeks a small hole has been appearing and disappearing regularly, with a minor off-white discharge - no odour, pain or blood. The hole is roughly 5mm deep...
  4. G

    Karydakis flap PLEASE GIVE ME ADVICE

    So I've had a recurring pilonidal cyst for the last couple of years and I've had 2 operations already but it keeps coming back with a vengeance. I've been reccomded the karydakis flap operation, has anyone had this and can give me opinions please? I'm a 21 year old female and am really worried...
  5. Dan Jobson

    Flap Surgery Advice

    hey guys, After 11 months of my wound not healing I'm having the flap procedure with a surgeon called Mr Sood at Hartswood hospital in Essex. My wound healed 2 months ago but since then have had fairly regular big bleeds while going to the toilet, resulting in a small hole which then closes up...
  6. Dan Jobson

    Please Help! 6 months post surgery - very slow healing!

    Hi guys, I've been reading these forums for months but finally decided to put my story out there and hopefully get some help/advice from fellow sufferers! I had my operation in late July 2016 (primary excision and closure) and it became infected just a few days later. After 2 weeks they took...