fresh surgery

  1. M

    Fitness after open wound?

    Hi everyone, I had my 3rd surgery a week ago and they’ve left it as an open wound (again) but this time removed the sinus! Just wondering if there’s any easy at home workouts I can do when I’m feeling a bit better? Just concerned as it took a while to heal with my other ones and I don’t want...
  2. M

    3rd Surgery!!

    Hi everyone, thought I’d share a bit of info about my cysts and see if anyone has any tips for after care and their healing times etc. In May last year I had my first incision and drainage and it took until August time to heal then 2 weeks later I had another flare up and another incision and...
  3. M

    Stitches Post-Surgery

    Hi everyone! I'm new here but I had just gotten my surgery on July 19th. I'm a pretty overweight female with PCOS (hormonal disorder which gives me more testosterone, which gives me hair in certain places, which is why I developed a cyst). The Dr. told me that she was going to do the packing...
  4. Farhan

    Recent Surgery with open wound - No Medical Assistance available

    Hi folks, I have recently joined this forum and seeking for some guidance with your experiences as a doctor or a patient. Before I go in details, please note I work in UAE (Abu Dhabi) and had my surgery in Pakistan (Lahore). As after pilonidal surgery, its difficult to drive for a few days, so...