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    HELP! My gauze is stuck!

    Hi fellow Pilonidal sufferers! I had my abscess removed for the 6th time yesterday since I was 23... I’m 29 now. Mine happen at the lower part on the upper butt cheek. Anyway EVERYTIME the gauze gets stuck and I’m in so much pain to pull it off, last time I had to go back and get it surgically...
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    Normal for pilonidal abscess to continue drainage after lancing?

    Last Wednesday I went to the ER as I was experiencing debilitating pain in my tailbone. The ER doctor had a look and immediately began squeezing the spot. Puss and then blood began to ooze our. He diagnosed it as a pilonidal abscess. He said the opening was too small for him to complete the...
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    Anyone have issues with gauze/tape?

    Hey guys! Tried searching through the forum, couldn’t really find anything so posting to the group :) Just wondering if anyone else has had issues with gauze or tape? It seems any tape I use gives me a small rash, so I’ve stopped and haven’t used any in a few days. Now, it seems the gauze is...
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    Rash turned infection than grew into cyst :-(

    It all started in the summer of 2017, after a weekend hiking/fishing trip in the mountains of southern Alaska. It was a really hot weekend, which made for some painful rashes from "swamp ass". I got home to find I had some pretty severe rashes in between my butt cheeks. After getting all cleaned...
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    Gauze Trapped Inside Wound

    I had a large abcess surgically cut open and packed with gauze. As it's been healing I change the packing and dressing everyday. After about 3 weeks I missed a day and let the packing sit in the wound for 48 hours. When I removed the dressing I could no longer see the gauze and it was completely...