1. I

    Mild case but want to get this taken care of ASAP: weighing my options. Please help.

    First of all I would like to say the quality of thought and analysis on this website is higher than anywhere else I've seen on the internet since about 2010. I'm glad the internet can serve people even if it takes some inflamed asscracks to make that happen. The purposes of this post is only to...
  2. C

    Dr. Immerman vs. Dr. Walie

    I am one failed excision surgery out for a pilonidal cyst and have pretty much narrowed my choices for a surgery to end everything between Immerman and Walie. I was hoping some could share positive or negative experiences with either. So far I've heard more positivity about Dr. Immerman, but...
  3. M

    Anxious Over Cleft Lift

    So am based in Canada and there are no cleft lift surgeons here. I have been dealing with an open wound since my last wide excision which was July 2018. I'm beyond frustrated at this point and don't know what to do, all docs want to keep cutting me apart. I thought of going to Dr. Immerman or...
  4. N

    Cleft Lift 02/08/2019 Recovery (Dr. Immerman)

    Hey guys! This forum helped me a ton so I would love to give back. I am a 22 year old male and have had zero previous surgeries! I also am by no means a professional writer, so hang with me. I intend to update this thread as often as possible, and I will answer questions the best I can! Short...
  5. KatieMarie

    Cleft Lift 1/24/19 Dr. Immerman - Recovery Log

    Hi everyone! I just had my cleft lift done yesterday and thought I would post a log and give some updates! Yesterday started with an appointment at Dr. Immerman’s office at 10:30 where he looked at the wound and answered all of my questions. He’s extremely nice and laid back and encouraged me...
  6. pilonhealth

    Trust a no-drain Cleft Lift?

    Hey y’all! : ) As most of us have experienced, this is the last straw with me and my pilonidal cyst that I’ve had dormant for 9 years and active for 2. I’m truly considering a cleft lift with Dr. Caplan (Philly) or Dr. Rosengart (Pittsburgh). The thing is, I hear that they both don’t use...