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    Cleft Lift surgery day 3/7/22

    Dr Marc Brand seems to be in the hall of fame here. The nurses were telling me that people travel from all over the country to have surgery by him. I’m forever thankful that he chose to specialize in this procedure, and lucky he is 40 minutes away. Being a female, I’ve seen multiple women post...
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    Cleft Lift post op daily log

    You guys all helped me so much so I figured I’d also share my daily healing. Some back story: I am a 35 year old female and had my first flare up at 21. I got it to drain by myself and had no issues up until this year, where it flared up 3x in 5 months (typically after sitting on hard surfaces...
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    Cleft Lift Recovery Log (01/06/20) - Dr. Marc Brand

    Hello! I’ve been lurking this forum a lot the past few months and figured I would do my part in sharing my experience with others. Seeing the recovery logs of others is what convinced me to get the surgery done. I meant to do this earlier but my computer is in the basement so walking down...
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    Almost a year post cleft lift and there is blood coming from the bottom of the incision

    Hi everyone, my name is Angela no I had Dr. Marc Brand do my cleft lift last July (almost a year ago now). I have gained about 8 pounds since then, and I have noticed today that there is discomfort and blood coming from the bottom of my incision. Has anyone else had this kind of issue this far...