1. S

    New- do I need to go to the doctor if uninfected (besides occasional pain) for years?

    Hi! Title of this post says it all really, since I was about 12 (I’m 22) I’ve had an occasional what I thought was a ‘bruised tailbone’ and thought everyone was sensitive that way when they sat in a hard seat for a long time etc. Around 2 years ago I heard about pilonidal sinuses and noticed...
  2. M

    Anything Helps

    Hi all....about two weeks ago I noticed some tailbone pain, nothing too bad but it did sometimes wake me up in the middle of the night. I do work out regularly but it did not seem to hurt when I worked out or did much of anything I just noticed a constant throbbing. I told my mom and she said...
  3. J

    Need advice, thanks!

    So, I think my first PC (not diagnosed, but I think I have it) was about 2 years ago. It comes every year or so. So, I think I have one now, I had a really painful one two weeks ago. The only thing in common is that I was having sex on the floor (maybe the weight of my gf put a lot of pressure...
  4. D

    Polinidal newbie, lots of questions!

    First off, I am so glad I found this forum. I have gotten many answers, some of which have eased my mind and lowered my anxiety, surprisingly. Here my story so far... about a year ago I discovered a very small bump dead center at the beginning of my anal cleft? Butt crack? Guess I have some...
  5. Jessica G

    New patient with pilonidal cyst

    Hello, I'm super new to all this and I'm only 19 years old! I figured out something was wrong when I was going to the bathroom and wiped my butt and it was bloody with some pus. I immediately went to my boyfriend and told him to check it out and he said he found 2 tiny holes and I was like okay...