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    Cleft Lift May 27, 2021 Dr. Wadie

    Hi everyone, Wanted to add to the great collection of cleft lift stories in this forum. I had cleft lift surgery with Dr. George Wadie in Raleigh, NC on May 27, 2021. There are a lot of these recovery logs for Dr. Immerman and several other doctors but not many for Dr. Wadie so I thought I would...
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    Cleft Lift

    Hi all, I have a recurring abscess - I had an I&D done in August so it opens and drains in the shower when it comes back about every 6 days. I am having the cleft lift surgery done by Dr. Wadie this week. Does anybody have any suggestions for the surgery? How is the staff at Capital Surgery...
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    My experience so far!

    Hi everyone! This website has been so helpful to me over the past few months (It’s so hard to find anyone else in real life who knows much about this bizarre and embarrassing condition) so I wanted to at least share my entire experience so far. The more stories we have the better. For...