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    Post Incision and Drainage (I&D first time)

    So I’m about 10 days in after having a pilonidal abscess drained. Surgeon left the wound open with instructions to unpack, clean, and repack with iodoform gauze at least once per day. My father is assisting with the re-packing of the open wound. I had my follow up appointment today 10 days since...
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    Just had my second surgery - My story

    Hey everyone, I've read the forum for awhile but finally thought I should join the community and make a post. Maybe someone can read my story and relate - or at least just hear another take on experiencing this condition. Here's my story: Part 1: My first cyst experience In mid-2016, I began...
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    Wound has closed & healed still painful

    Hi, I had my operation in November 2017 and it was an open wound, The wound closed in mid 2018, however now I am feeling some pain from the area. I did as the nurses told me to; remove all the hairs and keep the area clean. I am constantly trimming the hairs down and showering every day...
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    Special Wound Care?

    Hello everyone, I had a cyst with tracks removed 5 months ago and it was left open to heal. The first two months went good and they told me it completely healed. However, one week later the wound opened up in two spots, a big one on top and a smaller one near the anus. The packing treatment...
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    Wound is not healing, need advice please

    Hi, I am a 21 year old from Adelaide South Australia and had surgery for my pilonidal sinus last year (December 13th, 2018). My stitches popped open 2 weeks post surgery, and I have been getting the wound cleaned and packed daily since then. It has been an extremely long and frustrating 8...
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    How to determine if a pit was missed

    My son had surgery in July. It was a lateral incision. The surgeon went in to the left of the midline, tunneled over and cut out the sinus and surrounding tissues. The sinus extended under the midline, so though she did not make an actual open incision of the midline, she did have to cross it to...