1. Thatgirlthere

    Need help on what to do

    Hello.. I am new here and just have some questions... I had my cyst surgically removed 1 year & 7 months ago.... during surgery half of the cyst was infected so I had a drain tube in the 1st week of my surgery. This has been the worst since I had surgery. The area constantly hurts when I sit for...
  2. Z

    Recovery/Packing Questions

    I’m 18 and I had my first pilonidal cyst drained yesterday with packing put in. Now, my surgeon and nurse gave little to no information on recovery other than to remove packing in 24 hours, keep the wound clean, and take it easy for a while. I was suggested by the nurse to take a shower while...
  3. X

    Looking for basic info

    Ive had my pilonidal cyst drained 3 times now, and it comes back about a month later (despite packing, cleaning, etc.). So I figure I need surgery to get it removed, right? Problem is that they schedule those surgeries a long period in advance, which means it's about a month away. I see people...
  4. G

    Karydakis flap PLEASE GIVE ME ADVICE

    So I've had a recurring pilonidal cyst for the last couple of years and I've had 2 operations already but it keeps coming back with a vengeance. I've been reccomded the karydakis flap operation, has anyone had this and can give me opinions please? I'm a 21 year old female and am really worried...