pilonidal abscess

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    Cyst almost gone but pain?

    Hi! Long story (almost) short, was misdiagnosed 10 years ago with a broken tailbone () and ended up having emergency surgery on a huge abscess. Had sepsis. Very sick etc etc. So I haven’t had the most normal experience of a pilonidal cyst starting out and nothing to compare it to. About three...
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    I hope this helps

    So I’m 21 yall, had my first cyst when I was around 17 and it affected me til I was about 19-20. I also had severe eczema which as y’all know is a “chronic” and needs medication to treat. So in 2018 I decided to eat plant based Whole Foods, no dairy, no meat (except whole organic chicken ), no...
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    Wound has closed & healed still painful

    Hi, I had my operation in November 2017 and it was an open wound, The wound closed in mid 2018, however now I am feeling some pain from the area. I did as the nurses told me to; remove all the hairs and keep the area clean. I am constantly trimming the hairs down and showering every day...
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    Questions about post-op recovery

    Hi there, December 2nd marks my first year after getting my abscess drained - hold the party poppers. I've come across the term 'pilonidal paranoia' where patients have their abscess drained, and in constant fear of if it will flare up again, and that any sort of discomfort may indicate the...
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    California (Northern) Surgeons

    SF Bay Area (South Bay) Seth Strichartz, M.D., F.A.C.S. Board Certified, General Surgery Camino Medical Group 301 Old San Francisco Road Sunnyvale, CA 94086 408-730-4320 He's been a really good doctor through my open surgery. He has done many pilonidal surgeries and really seems to...
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    Quiet pilonidal cyst, with surgery scheduled in a week and a half

    Hi every one.... I have been having flare ups with pilonidal cyst for a while now, usually going away on there own. This year I needed to go to the emergency room to have it lanced and packed, it went away and returned and when I went to the emergency room they said it had popped and was flat...
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    Diagnosed with Pilonidal Cyst 2018

    Hello all beautiful people out there, I am a PhD Researcher residing in Italy these days and recently i.e. on 6th January 2018, I was diagnosed with this cyst. The history is that it all started in the end of 2017 when i felt pain in my Tail Bone area and i thought that it looks to be an issue...
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    Need help, don't know if pilonidal cyst

    Hello everybody I'm new here and I'm glad this place exists as I have no idea what's going on with me, since I can't determine what is happening, maybe I can at least determine what is NOT happening. I have been on a Methadone Maintenance program for over 3 years, and it causes very bad...