pilonidal excision

  1. M

    Anxious Over Cleft Lift

    So am based in Canada and there are no cleft lift surgeons here. I have been dealing with an open wound since my last wide excision which was July 2018. I'm beyond frustrated at this point and don't know what to do, all docs want to keep cutting me apart. I thought of going to Dr. Immerman or...
  2. P

    Primary closure with flap -Middle east

    Hi guys, Hope you are all doing well. I finally got operated 3 weeks back for pilonidal cyst and had a primary closure with a modified flap. The first week was horrible with the tube,to make it worse I was constipated which later eased off with laxative. Things got better from the second...
  3. H

    Two surgeries later, but a pit still there. Any advice please?

    Hi everyone. I am based in the UK, first of all, but I would appreciate any advice! To give you a bit of background, I have been suffering from pilonidal disease since I was seventeen (so ten years ago). In 2016, I had a flare up, two weeks before I was due to get married, but it went away...
  4. GrahamCracker

    Suture opening up

    hey! This is only second post here, but i had a pilonidal excision friday 12/29/2017. All is well, im in almost zero pain but the glue they used to close me up is somewhat opening. Maybe a quarter inch. Idk how bug the original incision was. I am not in oain ad there doesnt seem to be excess...