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    Mild case but want to get this taken care of ASAP: weighing my options. Please help.

    First of all I would like to say the quality of thought and analysis on this website is higher than anywhere else I've seen on the internet since about 2010. I'm glad the internet can serve people even if it takes some inflamed asscracks to make that happen. The purposes of this post is only to...
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    Hello Everyone! **this is my first ever post online on any forum. English is not my mother language so please excuse any grammar mistakes** Background: I had my first ever pilonidal cyst some 6-7 years ago. I had no idea about it what it is called. Next few years I only experienced once or...
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    Cleft lift with Dr. Akopian in Pasadena, CA

    Anyone ever had any contact with Dr. Akopian? His website lists him as doing pit picking and bascom cleft lifts, but I haven’t seen anyone talk about him yet. He seems to be the only in network provider for me in the Los Angeles area.
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    Pit-Picking: Post-op recovery and exercise

    Hi all, I'm thinking of undergoing a Pit-picking procedure for my pilonidal cyst and was wondering what the recovery times have been for people who have undergone this surgery. Also, I'm an avid gym-goer/weightlifter and was wondering when I could resume my workouts (especially legs). Any...
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    Italy Surgeons

    Hi there, I would like to tell everyone interested that I happily and luckily found in Rome (Italy, where I temporary live) Prof. Luigi Basso, a very competent pilonidal disease surgeon, performing both Gip's and Bascom's procedures. While Prof. Basso has an International CV and an Academic...
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    Has anyone done pit picking with Dr Matthew Isho in San Diego

    I like the doctor and he tells me he does pit picking, but he seems to be too rushed for me to ensure that he indeed does "pit picking". So wondering if anyone here has undergone the pit picking procedure with him.
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    Pit picking after open excision

    My pilo is back, I was reading through the treatment options and it says I had an open excision 7 years ago, does that mean my case does not qualify for a pit picking now?
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    3 Weeks Post Gips Procedure

    Hello, I'm 3 weeks post Gips procedure and hoping I can help someone else thru my experience. My first occurrence was 6 years ago and It eventually calmed down after drainage but bump never went away. I’ve had two flare ups since then with no pain but with that terrible smelling fluid leaking...
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    Newly diagnosed, considering cleft lift with Dr Sternberg

    Hi. I'm new here. First of all, thanks to everyone for participating in this forum. It's invaluable to someone new to this pilonidal business... Secondly, I apologize if I ask a question that is addressed fully somewhere else. I tried to do a bit of digging on the forum, but I tend to get...
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    How to determine if a pit was missed

    My son had surgery in July. It was a lateral incision. The surgeon went in to the left of the midline, tunneled over and cut out the sinus and surrounding tissues. The sinus extended under the midline, so though she did not make an actual open incision of the midline, she did have to cross it to...
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    My experience so far!

    Hi everyone! This website has been so helpful to me over the past few months (It’s so hard to find anyone else in real life who knows much about this bizarre and embarrassing condition) so I wanted to at least share my entire experience so far. The more stories we have the better. For...
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    Please help! Suffering for 5 months !

    Five months back. Mid of Sep 2016 I started to experience a sharp pain on top of my butt crack. I taught it was a normal small pimple and let it go, as it was not big. After 5 days I experienced a little itching. Looking up on the internet I suspected it to be a pilonidal. I tried to put...